How to Replace a Circuit Breaker? May Prove Fatal?


There are a few things that beginners need to know before replacing a Circuit Breaker. Generally, Circuit breakers will not need to be replaced. unalike a fuse, a circuit breaker is designed to reset. We can reset it. On events, a circuit breaker may malfunction or break resulting in the need to replace a circuit breaker. Most of the residentiary homes have the main Circuit Breaker and separate branch circuit breakers that connect to different parts of the home.

replace a circuit breaker

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Step To Replace a Circuit Breaker:

If your Circuit breaker really requires replacement, you can follow the steps below.

  • First thing first, you should have to follow safety precautions.
  • To replace a general household Circuit breaker that is installed in a regular 2-pole main breaker with branch circuit compartments, First, turn off all of the branch circuit breakers and then turn off the main circuit breaker. Never assume the breakers are off; you need to check for voltage on adjacent breakers to make sure the breaker panel is Out.

–Be Careful While Playing With Electric Components

  • The next step is to take off the panel cover. By doing this you will have access to branch circuit breakers but may not to the main breaker section. Do not try to remove the cover from the main Circuit breaker; this section should only be retrieved by a professional electrician. You will be able to replace the circuit breaker by just removing the cover.
  • After removing the panel cover, you can detach the wires from the damaged circuit breaker and pluck it out of the way. Be careful while prying the broken circuit breaker out of its position. Pay attention to how the breaker fits in the panel and locks it into its position so you will be able to put the new circuit breaker to its position correctly. Don’t try to put circuit breaker Upside down and sideways positions because this will not work. The next step is to fit the new circuit breaker. Make sure you are replacing the correct circuit breaker.
  • As your panel cover is open, you can check other components to make sure that they are correctly in place and you can also tighten any loose component. Now it’s done put the cover of the panel back on and make sure all the branch circuit switches are “off”. Now turn on the main circuit breaker and then turn on all branch circuit switches one by one. After it, Test all circuits to make sure they are working fine.

If everything is working good then your task is finished, otherwise consult a professional for further assistance.

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